how to open Visual paradigm projects directly from KDE

oddly enough my installation of Visual Paradigm set its type to application/zip.

When i try to open it, it uses the same applications that other .zip files use.

Sure i could right-click + open with + Visual paradigm , but ….

So instead we’re going to create a new file type for that .vpp extension.

Create a new filetype in KDE

1 – Add a “x-vpp” type.

2 – select it (it down the list, inside the application category)

3 – Add a filename Pattern:

4 – Add an Application
* browse to your “Visual Paradigm for UML” binary file ( /path/vp/bin/Visual_Paradigm_for_UML_8.3 )

5 – Select an icon
* check the “resources” directory in your VP installation ( path/vp/resources/vpuml.png )

6 – press OK

Ok, now we need to edit the culprit of this mess:

Change the mimetype for Visual Paradigm for UML

edit the ~/.local/share/applications/Visual_Paradigm_for_UML_8.3.desktop

and change the mimetype to:


Restart your file manager

and we’re done! re-open your konqi/dolphin and .vpp files will always open with VP and your .zip will never again
be open with VP!


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