Use custom font on konqueror

There’s this really beautiful font i just love! Its Linux Libertine and has more than thousands of characters! Since i’m studying japanese i’ve been visiting alot the wikipedia’s hiragana page ! and with their default font, for some particular characters, i was seeing alot of squares! So after a while i figured out that it…… Continue reading Use custom font on konqueror

Create a entry in the Konqueror right click menu

I just couldn’t believe this was easy as following this recipe: Konqueror Services Menus I wanted to be able to edit any file without having an editor associated to that all kind of files. So here’s the result: File: editallfiles.desktop [Desktop Entry] ServiceTypes=all/allfiles Actions=editAllFiles Encoding=UTF-8 X-KDE-Priority=TopLevel [Desktop Action editAllFiles] Name=Edit with emacs Icon=emacs Exec=emacs %u…… Continue reading Create a entry in the Konqueror right click menu