Patch portage to be more quiet

Gentoo Live Linux 10.0
Gentoo linux is alive and well and just released a new Gentoo Linux Live.  It features Linux Kernel 2.6.37 (with Gentoo patches). It comes will all desktop environments. Especially if you are looking for KDE 4.6 SC here’s the best way to start.
It also includes (3.2.1), GIMP (2.6.11), Inkscape (0.48.1), Blender (2.49b), and many more. They are all packed in either the x86/x86_64 or the x86_64. If you like it, you’ll need to install Gentoo with the Instalation CD.

So a few days after the celebrated news of 11th release here’s a patch for portage to make it quiet and nice.

Those extra verbose warnings really annoys me,  because emerging something keeps showing me all the licensed packages that are masked, broken packages or masked.  So i fixed the !!! existing preserved libs:
” ,  “!!! The following installed packages are masked:” and !!! There are updates currently masked by LICENSE changes.” messages.

You can revert to the verbose warnings with the new flag “–extra-verbose”.

All it does is remove the list of packages shown after doing a emerge, and improves the speed because it doesn’t calculate any of it (particular when figuring out the preserved libs) and only shows a single line warning about them.

The patch is for portage-2.2.0_alpha26 (which is totally a must so you can play around with @sets)

Where to get the patch


How to apply the patch:

on the /usr/lib/portage/pym/ directory

patch -p1 -i patch-2.2.0_alpha26

The handbook is always a good idea to keep around ;)

(the image was taken from the Gentoo Live 10.0)


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