Lpsolve Syntax Highlight for Geany IDE

Add Lp Solve extension

Lp solve files Syntax highlight for Geany
An example of Lp solve files Syntax highlight in Geany

First, we need to add the extension file, so geany knows what file it can associate to lp solve files.

Either go to:  Tools -> Configuration Files -> filetype_extensions.conf

or:  edit directly the file in

Linux: ~/.config/geany/filetype_extensions.conf

Windows 7 :  c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\geany\filetype_extensions.conf

and add a new line with


Download Lp Solve syntax highlight file

Next, download this syntax highlight file:  filetypes.Lpsolve.conf

and place it in ~/.config/geany/filedefs/ (Linux)

or c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\geany\filedefs\ (Windows 7)

More information on syntax highlight

Note:  if not bothered to download this file, you can add the extension to any existing filetypes, for example:


Many thanks to geanycolourscheme.xtreemhost.com editor.


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