Stop internet censorship. Say no to PIPA and SOPA

Today’s the day of the world stood against the proposals that would create laws to censor the internet based on denounces without due process!

Although you may have heard about SOPA, please take note that there’s a similar proposal called PIPA that is also being discussed but is not getting attention.

If you live in the USA,  please write or call your representatives, or use this form: to stop PIPA and SOPA.

These proposals are also very dangerous for everyone outside the US. Although these are US based laws, don’t forget that many domains that have a .com, .org, or .net are considered as domestic to the USA, so they fall under these laws jurisdiction. We know that corporations have been influencing the European governments like the recent cases of France, Portugal and Spain, to push similar laws into our own civil codes.  A censored internet is the end of public sharing of knowledge and we all have been thankful for this. So thank you for taking action!

say no to PIPA and SOPA
say no to PIPA and SOPA

2 thoughts on “Stop internet censorship. Say no to PIPA and SOPA

    1. hello mike, thanks for commenting. If copyright protection would be the exclusive way to promote creativity, movements like creative commons, copyleft and open source, or even where people gave up the right to patent, would never reach the critical mass we now have. Copyright is an artificial gimmickd that makes protected works only viable because of the laws that extended its usefulness. It just cripples inventions that could spring out of its use. Do You think that a copyright extended to decades is good for creativity?

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