How to format a usb pen or mp3 player the right way

In a short line:

# mkfs.vfat -vc -F 32 -n “zen stone” -S 2048 /dev/yourdevice

The explanation:

free the gnu -  lego mp3 player
free the gnu - lego mp3 player

-v Verbose execution.

-c Check the device for bad blocks before creating the file system.

-F FAT-size
Specifies the type of file allocation tables used (12, 16 or 32 bit).
If nothing is specified, mkdosfs will automatically select between 12 and 16 bit, whatever fits better for the filesystem size.  32 bit FAT (FAT32 format) must (still) be selected explicitly if you want it.

-n volume-name
Sets  the volume name (label) of the filesystem.  The volume name can be up to 11 characters long.  The default is no label.

-S logical-sector-size
Specify the number of bytes per logical sector.  Must be a power of 2 and  greater  than or equal to 512, i.e. 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, or 32768.

change “youdevice” for your own. Find out which is by checking your dmesg after plug-in the usb device for  something like:

  • sde: sde1
  • sdb
  • etc…

You might want to try this flag too:

-I Normally you are not allowed to use any ‘full’  fixed  disk  devices.
mkdosfs  will complain and tell you that it refuses to work.  This is different when usind MO disks.  One doesn’t always need partitions on
MO  disks.   The  filesytem can go directly to the whole disk.  Under other OSes this is known as the ‘superfloppy’ format.

This switch will force mkdosfs to work properly.


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