Make Emacs pretty with beautiful fonts

Over the years i’ve been trying to make emacs more readable, harmonizing it with the desktop themes. i dislike long lines and scrolling up and down so a small readable font is very important.

So here’s the evolution emacs had today:
left-top: default emacs 23
right-top : old
left-bottom : default with –font “Bitstream Vera Sans Mono-10” -q
right-bottom : default –font “Inconsolata-11” -q
Pretty emacs with beautiful fonts

here’s the complete images, side by side:
Pretty emacs with beautiful fonts

So the lines fit on the 80columns, there’s plenty of lines shown and the font is beautiful.

I’ve used alot of fonts over the time, but the best font right now is Inconsolata font, created by Raph Levien, with the suport from the TeX Users Group Development Fund. It has so many gorgeous details like the curved t, and the g. oh, i’m in love :) Find out more about Inconsolata font!

i’m happy! oh, just in case, here’s my .emacs after a heavy purge!



5 thoughts on “Make Emacs pretty with beautiful fonts

  1. Yep its very nice! Anonymous Pro seems great too for a monospaced font: has the basic DO’s (i,l,1,0,o), its open, and looks good!
    thanks for the tip :)

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