Translated MojoSetup to portuguese using the fine launchpad

Ryan C. Gordon updated is .plan and called for translations of MojoSetup. MojoSetup is to be the rewriting and replacement of Loki_setup.
Here’s the Announcement of MojoSetup and the future homepage with a link to the zlib alike license.

The announcement is a real treat to read because it talks about the bad decisions a project can make. Then there are the (future) features: uses Lua for the scripting (i love Lua although i suck at it..), has a nice GUI/lib separation and definition (via plugins, which means that can be a QT interface for it.. :) ), started from the begining with support for utf-8 and i18n, a rollback option and uses cmake instead of the usual autotools. He also talks about the reason why the zlib license was choosen.

Meanwhile i’ve finished translating it, and emailed him with notice.

Now.. about launchpad. I already knew that was nicier interface for bug tracking and all, but i didn’t knew it used rosetta for the translations. Anyway here’s a small feature list:

* Code: it uses Bazaar for the VCS (version control system) and hosting. (python)

* Bug: Own bug tracker.

* Blueprint: discussion/brainstorming/feature request?

* Answers: it’s like a forum mixed with mailing list and some sort of feature request. Answers.

* transalation:

Ok, i left this one to the end because there are some issues with it. Like the rest of the platform it’s closed source. It’s free as in beer.
If an application has some independence from LP (LaunchPad) there’s no way feed upstream the translations submitted in Rosetta (LP codename for the translation module) which has huge implications. It has some bugs with the “Untranslated” and “Need review” (the first one shows the second one’s number. I intend to submit a bug report using LP itself). Also, it only supports ISO 639 (two letters per identifier: en, pt, fr.. etc. Now.. we all know there’s a bit of friction between pt_PT and pt_BR .. )

But because of its nature, it’s so easy to just start translating some sentences. Which in turn, gives the translation, probably, a chaotic state. I agree that using the .po files and KBabel is a bit of work but thats a double edge sword: for one, it doesn’t make it easy to get fresh blood working within a comunity, but for other, a person that starts and translates with KBabel won’t be disappearing after two or three sentences translated. At least that’s what happened to me: first i read the guide lines, i filled up the form, sent it via snail-mail to the USA, to the Free Software Foundation, learnt some basic KBabel shortcuts and finally started translating (nano v2.0.6/7).

I guess it’s up to the project maintainer to choose. Choose also to use a closed source platform.


I was impressed with the LP layout so i asked What is behind launchpad? is it MoinMoin?
Also i enjoyed from the usage of already translated expressions, and with a click each, alot of sentences were skipped.

Take the tour and check it out.


One thought on “Translated MojoSetup to portuguese using the fine launchpad

  1. A few notes on Rosetta: non-two-letter language codes like ast and pt_BR work just fine (but the country code is left out when redundant, e.g. fr_FR is just fr). To build up more organisation around a translation, assign a translation group and choose your access rights model.

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