How to prevent emacs from showing the splash screen

Emacs‘ splash screen is enable by default, even if it’s started with a argument, like opening a file. So the solution was always in the splash screen but you’ll find out how to remove the splash screen using the essencial dot emacs file

Do not display a splash screen on startup. You can also achieve this effect by setting the variable inhibit-splash-screen to non-nil in you personal init file (but not in site-start.el)

file: ~/.emacs
(setq inhibit-splash-screen t)

* setq is the same as set but quotes automatically the first argument. see more detailed in the manual setq
* t is for `true’ (and nil is for `false’)

Using other emacs config files

I’ve tried to set it on default.el and it didn’t use it. To find the directories which belong to the loading path, try on the minibuffer:
M-x describe-variable RETURN” and then type “load-path
A shorter way is by hitting “C-h v RETURN” and type the variable name (“load-path“).
Both will print out the value and it’s description.

Note: RETURN is the RETURN key, ofc

Emacs 23

As of emacs 23, the splash screen fills the lower splited buffer. which is less tolerable, for i have to hit C-x 1 or middle clicking on the bar that separates the split.

Only when i actually read the splash i did notice the little option for never showing again that splash along with the “Dismiss” checkbox.


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