long string : kernel_downgrade

i’ve downgraded to 2.6.21-ck2 (yes, thats the Con Kolivas patchset) which means no more happy daily panicking. AND i’ve almost burned a cd with k3b!! halted at 68% and gave to the system hiccups. Real hiccups.. really. For every 2-3 seconds the system halted for some 5-6 seconds. Which made writing so much fun! i was able to write a short “HALP” to a friend of mine and he ofc, knew what to do: “kill him”. Well not his exact words but more of “killall -9 k3b” and “been there done that”. Great. thx ;)

/me ponders if he should downgrade to 2.6.17. been ages with it and i could actually burn cds and dvds. when all free space is left is (df -h) 2.5 gb and having to fix the partition tables on the desktopBSD laptop real soon, burning cds and dvds is somewhat useful.

And my 820gb ordered hard drives (with the 2 gb of ram ) are still on hold :/

BTW: i’ve ressusciteded the laptop and proceeded with the kde4 builds. Failed but i hope to get it working this weekend. The laptop is to be returned to the Departement of Informatics of my uni. next week. I hope they don’t give it the electroshocks and let me have it for one more year. Sooo useful “to work” on those days when i don’t want to leave the premises of my bed. really. bed + laptop = work.

BTW BTW: this editor is teh sux with konqueror. I have to use firefox to write all my posts on wordpress. He doesn’t delete, no new lines, no nothing. :(

I’m not going to touch that little handle to stretch this editor either! last time i tried that i got a kernel panic. I don’t mind using all five lines in it. as if i was 1996 in mobile phones. cute.


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