emacs cvs and the Multi Major Modes

i’ve been using the nXhtml package for emacs and has been useful. the php mode is great as is the xhtml one. but every time i tried to run the mmm i got the errors about the jit-lock-stealth-repeat-timer being void. The solution was later found!

mumamo-turn-on-actions: Symbol’s value as variable is void: jit-lock-stealth-repeat-timer
mumamo-display-error(mumamo-turn-on-actions “%s” “Symbol’s value as variable is void: jit-lock-stealth-repeat-timer”)
byte-code(“\302 \303\304\305\306 !#\207” [mumamo-mode err nil mumamo-display-error mumamo-turn-on-actions “%s” error-message-string] 5)

mumamo-turn-on-actions: Symbol’s value as variable is void: jit-lock-stealth-repeat-timer
Mumamo mode disabled
MuMaMo error, please look in the *Message* buffer

so the jit-lock-stealth-repeat-timer was stopping me from using the mmm! in the beggining i took no care for it. But everytime i tab’ed in a freshly opened buffer, xhtml asked if i wanted to start the mmm and failing miserably every single time.

So, as the google had no entry on the error, i decided it was time to update emacs (it was at 22.0.50). to my surprise the cvs version was at! a 9 minutes and 16 seconds emerge and the gtk themed emacs was flashing me the alpha status of it but nevertheless, i was working and also the mmm! the mmm is great (so far) as it paints a different background, colourizes the part of the php code differently from the html one, and finally i can indent html in a .php file! yay!

so, baseline, just upgrade your emacs!

If mumamo fails when you try to indent a major mode, try going to the section (with the cursor) of the minor mode and activate the mumano by tabbing. Or you can go to the menu nXhtml -> Multi Major Modes -> Multi Major Modes in buffer.
exemple: if you are working on a .php file and have raw html code inside, the major mode is php and the minor the html.


5 thoughts on “emacs cvs and the Multi Major Modes

  1. well, i know, it was a crude half-way solution as today it was borked again. So, i digged up the
    mumamo.el file ( /usr/share/site-lisp/nxml/zipped-utils ) and … i simply commented the lines were jit-lock-stealth-repeat-timer was envolved (2949-2951) wishful thinking! well, it is working now.. so let’s hope tomorow i don’t need to add another comment :D

  2. “emacs cvs and the Multi Major Modes | The GNU
    of Life, the Universe and Everything” was a incredibly wonderful blog post, .

    Keep posting and I’ll continue to keep viewing! Thanks for your time -Lashawn

  3. Hi, THis i really helpful guide to have such an information on the web. I was looking for the similar topic and now I got it here finally

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